DVDFab Geekit Free Download

DVDFab Geekit Free Download

DVDFab Geekit Free Download
RequirementsWindows 10 32/64 bit,Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit,Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Windows XP 32/64 bit
File Size61.78 MB
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DVDFab Geekit Free Download –DVDFab Geekit MVC Codecs contains MVC Decoder and MVC Encoder. The Decoder part can draw out the MVC streams from any kind of 3D Blu-ray disc/ISO file and also split them into two primary MKV streams, which makes them prepared for editing with other non-linear editing and enhancing devices, whilst the Encoder component gets the job done of merging both edited MKV streams back right into one solitary 3D SSIF file or a side-by-side MKV documents.

Do you ever before want to remove the Blu-ray materials out of the original disc to ensure that you can do extra modifying with other non-linear editing devices, such as Adobe Best? If you do and also when the resource Blu-ray is a 3D one, the MVC Codecs from DVDFab Geekit for COMPUTER (a specialist toolkit particularly developed for those educated videophiles who have a geek-level interest for video clip editing and enhancing) is your finest and only selection, as it is up until now the only professional device to separate the MVC (multi-view video clip coding) streams right into 2 primary streams with lossless quality, and afterwards after being edited by various other NLE editing systems, placed them back right into one stream once again.

Functions and also Highlights

The only 3D MVC Decoding and also Encoding Device

MVC Codecs includes 2 interdependent components, the MVC Decoder and also the MVC Encoder, and it is up until now the only 3D decoding and also encoding device on the marketplace with the ability of extracting the MVC streams from a Blu-ray disc or ISO data, without endangering on video quality, and then combining the modified streams back into one stream. Both parts, each has its distinctive functions respectively, perfectly develop a closed cycle.

Divide the Extracted Contents into Two MKV Documents

The MVC Decoder mode of the MVC codecs does the job of drawing out the 3D MVC contents from source Blu-ray, and after that transforming as well as splitting them right into two lossless H. 264 MKV video streams, one gone for left-eye, and the other for right-eye, respectively. For the extraction procedure, customers are also permitted to customize the sound, subtitle, and chapter preferences, and also exchange the left-eye and also right-eye option for both streams.

DVDFab Geekit Free Download

Do Further Modifying with Popular Editing Tools

When the MVC Decoder finishes its work, customers can then take both MKV video streams to various other third party non-linear editing systems for additional modifying purposes, like adding extra audio tracks, providing in exterior captions, or whatever it could be. DVDFab Geekit Free Download. The extracted video streams in theory deal with mainstream professional video clip editing and enhancing tools, such as the Adobe Best, Final Cut Pro, OpenShot, Lightworks, and also extra. Download And Install DVD Fab Geekit for Windows PC today!

Combine both Edited Streams Back into One

After made with the modifying, its after that the MVC Encoder’s look to merge and integrate both left-eye and also right-eye MKV streams with specifically the same running time, video clip resolution and bitrate back right into one single stream, as well as save the resulting file as either an SSIF documents (StereoScopic Details Documents) which equals the similar 3D effect on the original Blu-ray disc or ISO file, or wait as a 3D MKV video clip documents of side-by-side format.